May 6th - You are invited!

To celebrate our return to Coppa at The Swan in Streatley we are having a casual boating party along the river at The Swan for all Goring and Streatley residents to come and have the opportunity to see what we do and get afloat for a test drive.

riverside at streatley
Riverside at The Swan at Streatley

So come along on May 6th 2022 from 5pm.

Free of charge, all locals are welcome, we just ask you to please register your interest via the booking link below, so we know to expect you.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Opening of the 2022 Pure Boating season!

We are excited to announce that our booking system is open! We will be operating from The Swan at Streatley, The Boat House in Wallingford and The Beetle & Wedge in Moulsford. Make sure to get your bookings in early to avoid disappointment! We look forward to seeing you all afloat!

Season opening 2022 pureboating

Captain Rod's training notes

Unlike private boat owners, you are part of a commercial enterprise and your employer has a legal duty of care to you and your customers. This means that in case there is an accident you must be able to show that:

Any dangerous (i.e. life threatening) incidents must be reported to the authorities by law.

We talked about safety precautions, how to rescue someone from the water and how to help people on and off the boat.

pure boating training

I explained that most boats have a rudder behind a propeller so that the propeller jet stream passing the rudder allows you to steer even when the boat is stationary. However, in reverse the rudder has no effect until you are going backwards quite fast, so we steer the boat going forwards and reverse slowly in a straight line.

Some electric boats, like the one we used, have no rudder: instead there is a motor and propeller in a steerable pod where the rudder would be. This works like an outboard motor and steers as well in reverse as forwards.

Red and green buoys are channel markers: when going upstream keep green (starboard) buoys on your right and red (port) buoys on your left to avoid going aground. The opposite applies when going downstream. Yellow buoys indicate underwater obstructions or shallows.

After casting off always coil the mooring lines ready for use: never let the stern line trail in the water – it will foul the propeller sooner or later.

Ella Rose is on her way...

We are saying goodbye to Barnaby from after the bank holiday 27th August.  She is going into private hands – lucky things.

However we are saying hello to her counterpart Ella Rose, also a Canadian Fantail, as from 4 September.  She has all the attributes of Barnaby but she’s totally new!  And very beautiful!

Step aboard, smile and go cruising!!

Mudlark retires from Pure Boating

The much loved Mudlark has been lifted and taken out of service and is to be refurbished as she has been sold to a lucky Henley Sales and Charter customer for private use.  She has served a magnificent season and has given much pleasure to the many dozens of customers of Pure Boating who have enjoyed her.  She will be much missed

Her sister ship Annabelle X continues to do sterling service

What have we got here...

Here is the replacement for Barnaby leaving our Beale Park yard.  Arriving on the river at Wallingford on 3rd September.  Further pictures and information to follow!!

Sunny days and balmy nights...

Summer fun at Pure Boating in Wallingford

Happy families at Wallingford

Our resident family of swans has braved the recent river rapids and came to say hello to Barnaby today, mum doing the hard work

Wallingford river friends

As seen through the canopy of Barnaby